Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things have been going crazy.

So the end of October, beginning of November have been quite eventful in Philadelphia. First off the Phillies won the World Series, and that was an event all in itself. Just going to the stadium before the game 5 was intense. People were everywhere and everyone was just excited for the game. Then finally after a postponed game and 25 years of waiting the Phillies won, and riots broke out. Of course that means we had to join in and walk the 20 blocks from Temple to City Hall.

Even better news, Obama was elected President. I know there are some bitter folks out there, but you wouldn't know that here. Another riot broke out, I guess that's just the new thing to do here. I did not join in this time but there were more hunking of cars til the very late hours of the night. I'm just so happy that it is finely over, don't have to deal with people hounding me to register to vote, or as me if I have voted yet, which they had to have a million people on campus located at all the places you needed to go.

The weather here has been pretty crappy lately im sick of rainy. I just want the fall leaves and sweater weather! School is getting old, I really just want Winter Break and the next semester. Until then my birthday is next week, I can not wait. I have nothing planned yet but I am so excited no longer a teen!

Hopefully the next time I post, if ever, will be filled of more eventful happenings.